Make more sense of your city

Witan helps planners and policy makers to understand and change their cities in a confident, legible way

City modellers and policy makers have to make very important plans, tradeoffs, and decisions under uncertainty. Doing this is hard, and is getting harder, in a world of multiplying data volumes, increased city complexity, and high-stakes, high-cost decisions which affect people’s lives.

We’re on a mission to help you, the professionals, to build better cities. The Witan platform, currently in an alpha version with the Greater London Authority, will facilitate more flexible, collaborative, and data-driven approaches to city modelling and planning, across population, economic activity, housing, energy, schools, and all the other areas of importance to cities and their partners and stakeholders. It is designed to complement existing systems and models, and not to require you to throw away the good parts of what you've already got.

From early 2016, we will be opening the system to new cities and planners. Please get in touch for a demonstration, or to be notified of updates.

Photo by Binayak Dasgupta - CC BY 2.0